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Doreen's Pizzeria Restaurant
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The highest Quality frozen pizza in the world is available in your establishment. Fresh Italian sausage!...not that precooked stuff. Half a pound of real mozzarella--not imitation cheese -- on a 12" pizza. We have a five cheese garlic sausage pizza, an Italian sausage and JALAPENO pizza (shhh…this one sells more beer!) and our Deluxe is a sausage, mushroom, green pepper and onion that weighs almost TWO POUNDS.

Keep your customers from wandering away to the fast food joint down the street!  Keep them in your bar or niteclub having a beer. We supply the oven, we help you throw a free pizza party for your customers and provide you with table top advertising.

Doreen’s Gourmet Pizza

Pizzeria quality without the hassle!  That’s Doreen’s Gourmet Frozen Pizza. And now our company has gone GREEN!  All our pizza delivery trucks now run on compressed natural gas…better for the environment and better for you ‘cause we can sell our pizzas for a little less because we are not paying outrageous gas prices.

Call 708-862-7499 or Contact Us now for a free sample pizza!  Your bar, tavern, bowling alley, concession stand or club deserves Doreen’s!

Retail & Commercial Accounts Retail & Commercial Accounts
Retail & Commercial Accounts Retail & Commercial Accounts