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Customer Comments

Thank you for making a sausage pizza without tomato! I can't have tomato and usually have to get nasty Alfredo sauce frozen pizzas. Your garlic butter is amazing! Thank you so much!
Rachel, G. - Chicago, IL

I've had my first Doreen's pizza and am craving another. I purchased one from PeaPod and this will now be a permanent item. I love pizza and Doreen's is spectacular.
Mark W. – Chicago, IL

Friday night at our house has become "Frozen Pizza Night"! After a long work week it seemed the easiest and quickest thing to do. We recently retired and have continued our Friday night tradition. However, we recently discovered Doreen's. We wanted you to know that your frozen pizza far surpasses any we have EVER had. From the crust to the sauce to the spices and toppings....absolutely delicious! Sometimes our family and friends think we have had pizza delivered because it tastes so good! We are true fans and look forward to each and every Doreen's pizza that we eat! (And sometimes it's not just on Fridays!)
Susan B. – Arlington Heights, IL

I just want to say that I love your guy’s products that you put out in the supermarkets very much!! I would rate them over 100+!! Great job guys!!
Andy P. – Frankfort, IL

One day at Mariano's they had samples of the pizza. My kids asked me if this was my pizza, since it shares my first name. So we sampled and loved the pizza. We enjoy the sausage & pepperoni pizza. I get asked by those who know me if I know there is a pizza with my first name. The next question is if I had the pizza and if it's any good. I always reply yes, you can't go wrong with a unique name. Great pizza.
Doreen H. – Palatine, IL

Very, very good for a frozen pizza. I was surprised from the first bite. Don't change a thing!!
Chuck M. – Wonder Lake, IL

My sister got some for me when I visited her!! I had to laugh when I saw the name on the box!! I never find stuff with my name on it, and this was a first!! It is awesome pizza, and I wish you could buy it someplace in Ohio!! Finally something with my name on it!!! Love it!!
Doreen L. – Dover, OH

Our family had tried almost every frozen pizza available and we are usually always disappointed... until we tried Doreen's. We love, love, love your sausage and jalapeño pizza.  I always try to keep a couple on hand but they are always gone before I can get a slice.  Keep up the great work!
Tina M. – Prospect Heights, IL

We tried your pizza at a Jewel a couple of weeks ago during sampling.  Since our fist purchase, we have had your pizza at least four times and now have our children enjoying them!  This is the very best frozen pizza ever!  Congratulations on such a fine quality product!
Ron G. – Buffalo Grove, IL

My daughter and I love your sausage with garlic sauce pizza! It is delicious! Please consider making other combinations with the garlic sauce; we will be first in line for it!
Shirlee K. – Westchester, IL

I just wanted to tell you that you make the BEST frozen pizza I have ever eaten, and I've eaten many pizzas! If I could afford it, I would eat your pizza every day!! The sausage and jalapeno is a family favorite here! Keep up the good work!
Elizabeth G. – Kankakee, IL

We were doing our shopping the other day when a gentleman was asking us if we have ever tried Doreen’s Pizza before. Well, no, we have never heard of this pizza before. It is funny because I use to live near Calumet City a long time ago. So, we tried the pizza, and, Oh My Gosh....it was sooo good. We took home two different pizzas and are having them tonight for dinner. I am so glad we got the chance to try this pizza. We WILL be buying more in the future!!
Mary Ann A. - Joliet, IL 

Really like your pizza. The deluxe is great, and I usually don't eat sausage! Glad to have spotted it at Walt's grocery store. Had it for dinner again tonight. Great for a frozen pizza!
Mary B. - Orland Hills, IL

We were very, very impressed with your pizza. Good job and we will spread the word. When I buy a frozen pizza, I doctor it up – but, with Doreen’s pizza, I didn't have to...
Luke H. - Oak Park, IL

THE best frozen in the grocery store PERIOD!!!!! Got to hit the Dyer restaurant, I can imagine how awesome the pizza is fresh! Thank you so much!
Tony F - Gary, IN

I tasted your pizza at the Ultra Foods in Wheaton last Saturday and bought a Sausage and Jalapeno pizza. The crust is excellent and the rest of the pizza is delicious too. I was born and raised in Dolton and have eaten a lot of pizza in my lifetime and yours is great!
Thomas P. - Glen Ellyn, IL 

I want to let you know that you have the best frozen pizza. I tasted your cheese pizza at Sunset Foods in Highland Park and bought your cheese pizza. I would tell all my friends to buy it.
Sheila D - Deerfield, IL

Yes! This is indeed the best tasting pizza I ever had. I'm also delighted that there is a store and a restaurant in my district that I can go and purchase this pizza. I recommend this to everyone that loves pizza.
Darryl P. - Chicago, IL 

I was very impressed with your pizza. Was at Sunset Foods in Highland Park. Had a sample of the cheese pizza - it was great. So I bought a cheese and a veggie pizza. I would tell all of my friends to buy your pizza.
Shela - Deerfield, IL

We were shopping at Ulta in Hanover Park a few weeks ago and they were sampling your pizza. It was good so we bought one to try. That is an understatement! We made it last night and by far it is the best frozen pizza we have ever had! We think it is even better than Lou's or Jakes or anywhere else. We love it! THANKS- I'm on my way to get more!
Jeanne L. - Schaumberg, IL

I really love the 4 Cheese Sausage and Garlic pizza!!!!
Valerie B - Evergreen Park, IL

I am writing to let you know how much my family and I love your frozen pizzas! We LOVE pizza and yours is one of our favorites we eat it all the time. Thank you for making such great pizzas!
Nicki R. - Hebron, IN