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The Perfect Fundraiser

What makes Doreen’s Gourmet Pizza the perfect fundraiser? It’s the obvious choice for clubs, athletic teams and boosters, churches, youth groups, and clubs throughout Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana looking to raise money. Our unique taste and fresh ingredients make for a winning combination and an easy sale!

With just one call, you’ll be setup and ready to begin raising money with the help of Doreen’s delicious frozen gourmet pizzas.

Doreen’s Gourmet Pizza- The Perfect Fundraiser

What Makes The Perfect Fundraiser?

  • Everyone Loves Pizza!
  • Fresh Ingredients & Real Cheese Make It An Easy Sale!
  • 0% Trans Fats Make It Even Better!
  • Unique Pizza Taste Unlike Any Other Frozen Pizza
  • Perfect For Any Club Or Organization
  • Simple Order Process
  • Customizable Delivery Dates & Locations
  • Orders Packed For Individual Easy Pick-up
  • Doreen's Truck Remains On-Site For Pick-ups
  • Doreen's Is Local Pizza - In Chicagoland For Over 20 Years
  • Real Pizzeria Quality Out Of Your Own Kitchen

How does it work?

  • You select the order due date, the delivery date (please allow for at least a one week lead time and our existing schedule), delivery location, and delivery timeframe.
  • Our order process is simple and works for any organization. Simply pass out our order form to those in your organization who will do the selling for you. 
  • The order forms are filled in, payments made, and returned to you by the predefined order due date.
  • Your bulk order is placed with Doreen’s Gourmet Pizza, paid for, and orders are prepared and packed for individual pickup (a minimum one case order is usually required, depending upon desired delivery location).
  • At your desired delivery date and time, a Doreen’s driver is dispatched -- with your Doreen’s Gourmet Pizza orders in our freezer truck – to the requested location
  • Orders are picked up by your representatives or the purchasers themselves. The driver and truck will remain on-site for one hour.

Your success is virtually assured when your fundraiser includes Doreen’s Gourmet Pizza!  The process is so easy – and the product so delicious and satisfying, you’re almost assured of exceeding your fund raising objectives! In fact, many organizations, after completing one fundraiser with Doreen’s Gourmet Pizza, have requested repeat fundraisers!

If you’re looking for additional funding and want to find success with your next fundraiser, consider Doreen’s Gourmet Pizza! For additional information, please contact us to arrange your next event!

Click here to obtain the Doreen’s Gourmet Pizza Fundraiser Order Form (PDF).

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